Messe­zimmer Düssel­dorf
Nähe Messe und Flug­hafen

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Erlöserkirchengemeinde Düsseldorf
Eichendorffstr. 7
40474 Düsseldorf

The renting of rooms is done by the Erlöserkirchengemeinde Düsseldorf, a Lutheran church belonging to the SELK, a confessional Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Church council

The Erlöserkirchengemeinde Düsseldorf is represented by the parish pastor and by the church council:

Therese Bolduan,
Martin Dürholt,
Dr. Thomas Förster,
Christina Jungermann,
Matthias Leube,
Helmut Nicolai,
Michael Stenzel.

Parish Office

Pfarrer Gerhard Triebe
Eichendorffstr. 7
40474 Düsseldorf

Tel: 0211 / 43 30 32
Fax: 0211 / 454 23 26

E-Mail: or


Responsible for the content of the website is the church council of the Erlöserkirchengemeinde, represented by Pfr. Gerhard Triebe.

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